Inside Systems ESG Criteria

There are three key parts to ESG investing—the environmental, social, and governance aspects.



We work every day towards leaving a smaller environmental footprint behind, by prolonging the usage of existing IT hardware - in Datacentres, Companies and Goverment institutions. When using an IT-device longer time (than average), the demand for production of new devices will automatically slow down, and thus limiting those heavy environmental processes that the manufactoring of new devices requires. Our approach to this is through buying and selling mainly refurbished IT hardware, supporting the extension of the warranty through 3rd party maintenance or repair. And lastly ensuring an envronmentally friendly recycling and disposition service when needed.



As a SME sized companied, we work preferably with local suppliers for most of our requirements for daily business operations, and we see our local community as a resource through which we aim to support, hire, and conduct sponsor agreements and focus to maximize our employee engagements. We believe the wellbeing of our employees is key to our success and this is incorporated into our company policy and values.



Inside Systems is fully compliant under Danish and EU business regulations, among other industry related regulations. It is a 100% danish owned family business, professionally managed with a engaged board of directors and written policies for any aspects of the business operations. 


ESG Contact:
Mr. Thomas Jakobsen

Telephone: +45 22487005