High Quality refurbishment by InsideSystems is provided by our trained and skilled technicians, with care for the detail and the environment.

Not all refurbished are "like new" so we have designed a grading scale, to categorise the quality of the devices:

Grade A: Very good condition, minimal signs of usage. No scratches on the cover or on the screen. Comes with Charger & cable.

Grade B: Very good condition, although may have surface scratches on the cover, but no scratches on the screen. Comes with Charger & USB Cable.

Grade C: Fully functional device, but with significant signs of usage. May well have some scratches on cover and screen, and/or a battery level below 50%. Comes with Charger & USB Cable.

Grade D: Semi Functional device, but with minor defects, such as one of the sub-devices defect: i.e. a camera is not working, and/or defective fingerprint reader, touch ID and/or de-graded battery.