Corona: We Are Ready To Help You

Friday, March 13, 2020

Corona Virus

At Danish Prime Minister's press conference on Wednesday, March 11th, the government announced initiatives aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus.
The initiatives will cover large parts of the public sector, but the Prime Minister also made a call for private companies to show accountability and support the government's and the National Board of Health's joint plan for Denmark.

We Are Ready To Help

The current situation, where almost everyone, who can work from home will work from home, a natural consequence will be an enormous pressure on the national IT and Internet infrastructures.
At Inside Systems we are doing everything we can to help responsibly. As we are already experiencing an increased demand and extra need for critical IT spare parts and upgrades to the Data Centers, we have chosen to make our warehouse available for order-collection 24 /7 .
To arrange an order collection outside normal hours 09.00-17.00 please contact us on or +45 2211 3360.
The warehouse is currently running as usual, and all goods can be shipped day-to-day in Denmark and abroad with DHL/FedEx/TNT and UPS without delay.
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