Protecting your, and your customer's data has never been more important.

Not only has the governing bodies tightened their grips, but the amount and sensitivity of data, that our customers want us to assist them on deleting, is growing exponentially.

When customers reach out to us to help them to get rid of their data, it’s because they count on us and trust that we will accomplish the most secure datadestruction according to the recent regulations – a trust that needs to be earned every day.

It’s not only about how you store your data, but it’s just as important how you dispose of it.

It’s a matter of choosing the right data destruction form depending on what you would like to do with your IT hardware after the process. You have the options of re-use it yourself, sell it to us or total disposal.

Inside Systems provides market leading datadestruction services, according to your requirements.

The two most prominent ways to erase data is either to wipe the data with special software or to physically destroy the drive in a way that the hardware could never be used again.



When wiping data with data wiping software, 0’s are written to every cell in the drive to make sure that previous data has been overwritten several times and is unrecoverable.

Datawiping: When working with industry-leading solutions such as YouWipe, BLANCCO & White Canyon, every drive wiped is issued with a certificate with a unique serial number of the item on it, documenting the data wiping.
The algorithms are also more rigorously tested to ensure total data destruction.

That means that these solutions are approved by government, military, national security authorities and follows several international standards (ISO).


When physically destroying Hard Drives, it might not be enough to smash them with a hammer, drill holes in them, or to shoot them (yes – some people do this).

Degaussing – The way Hard Drives work is by storing data on a magnetic platter – by degaussing the hard drive, you remove the magnetic charge, thereby completely removing all data (including firmware), thus turning the disk into a "dead" metal parts.

Shredding – When you want to go all in. This is the computer worlds equivalent to turning nutmeg into… powdered nutmeg. Now, imagine a super-sized blender designed only for Hard Drives, SSDs, USB drives, CD’s etc.

In comes the data medium, out comes a finely shredded material. Click here to watch our shredder in action!

As with the software-based solutions, these methods also follow government and ISO regulations and come with serialized certificates documenting the erasure.

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