In an ever changing world, where technology evolves faster than ever before, it can be very hard to determine your needs today, next month, next year, or even further ahead. But you need to be sure, don’t you? It is, however, a very large investment to upgrade your setup. What if your needs suddenly change, and your setup no longer fits its job description?

Rental helps mitigate the risk. At Inside Systems A/S we offer short-term rental – as low as 3 months* which is suitable for when you need equipment for specific projects.
When renting at Inside Systems, there is no maximum for the length of your rental period, and your contract can be extended month by month with no maximum, helping you calculate your costs ahead of time, so you can move it from CAPEX to OPEX – couple it with a maintenance deal, and you won’t have to worry about unexpected expenses in your budget.

What is most important for you, flexibility or price?

If you know your needs are not going to change, we can offer you a contract at a fixed length and offer you a competitive price based on how long your needs will last. But if you need flexibility, you can have a contract with monthly renewal, which you can sign out with as low as 14-days’ notice.


For customers who are not fully sure whether to buy or not, we encourage them to start with a rental. We can offer a rental deal with the option to step out of the agreement, and purchase the assets at any time during the rental period. We call it "rent-to-buy". This way you will get a partial deduction on the purchase price, pro-ratio on the rental that has already been paid.




Customized to your needs

Feel free to contact one of our consultants to see how we can help you. In unison with you, we will come up with an offer based on your specific requirements in areas such as SLA’s, length of your contract, as well as the specific use case your business has.


Write or call us on +45 72 18 33 60 for a non-committal talk about your needs.


* 3 months rental period is not available on all our products. Specific terms will be negotiated on a deal by deal basis.