Sell ​​your used IT hardware - we will come and pick up

Thursday, April 30, 2020

During the Corona crisis, we have been busy at Inside Systems because we cannot be too many people in the same room. As a result, more run than usual. But we are also incredibly grateful that we are busy while the world has stood still. Right now, Denmark trying to reopen our society, so we have a few extra hands on these days. And hopefully we can see an end to this crisis soon.

We have got a new van

New has happened, because we have got a new van, where we can now easily transport to you/your company there for example will sell us used IT hardware - read more about how here.

Make a difference - for all of us

As we live in a consumer society where commodity trading and consumption is the most important social and economic activity. But unfortunately, we end up throwing out too much equipment because more and more are being sold all the time. And this is why we are here - we buy all used IT hardware, so it doesn't go to waste. Let us be more conscious in our spending habits!

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