With IT being more and more complex, and solutions being more and more specific to the businesses needing them, the skills of engineers also become more and more specialized.

All this means that engineers working in the same compound will have a difficult time keeping up and have his or her skillset follow the current trends.

By making an InsideCare deal through Inside Systems for your engineering needs, you can have SLA’s that match your needs, and only have expenses when there is a real need.


Extensive PTO Coverage

Your business may have custom systems build around your infrastructure, requiring in-house training.
To anticipate this, we offer to send out our engineers to shadow your trained personnel, learning everything they need to know, so they can be prepared in time one of your employees take PTO (Personal Time OFF), or so they can be ready in case of needs for extra assistance.


From minor issues to complex system-wide issues

We have a large selection of engineers, warring in skillset and experience, so we can provide you with a set of suitable engineers with the knowledge and price level you need, ranging from self-help Tier 0* employees, all the way up to large complex migration and configuration jobs spanning multiple locations requiring several Tier 3* Experts.
Write or call us for a non-binding talk about what we can do for you.


* Note: Field Engineer Skill Level Definitions:

0: Not familiar with the product; no expertise.

1: Entry level product knowledge; could serve as "feet on the street" but would rely on Technical Specialist if unable to resolve problems through basic diagnostics.

2: Intermediate level product knowledge; skilled on OS and able to interpret error logs and messages; would require Technical Specialist to assist in complex system problems.

3: Expert level product knowledge plus the ability to resolve complex system problems without assistance; Proficient on operating systems and the ability to configure support and customer configuration data.


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