WAAS (Warehouse as a Service)

You already have customers and suppliers, but you are spending too much time and money on managing your inventory, testing, refurbishing, shipping, and re-marketing your IT assets. You are looking for a simple and cost-effective way to add value to your business?

WaaS - Warehouse as a Service - is a great way to achieve this.

We provide everything you need, in the line of supply chain, logistics services, refurbishment and technical support services.

Maybe you need an engineer to support you on preparing an order, or auditing IT assets, testing, installation, configuration, datawiping, recycling or repair of your servers, harddisks, routers, switches, features and spare parts to IT systems?

We offer everthing, from packing in secure & apropriate packaging material, to handling export documents to booking of shipments with high discounts, to be handled by one single provider, whom has a team with many years experience and expertise on making professional worldwide third-party shipments of IT hardware.

In our highly secured warehouse in Denmark, you can get an all inclusive service, where you are able to outsource all your warehousing, engineering, logistical and re-marketing tasks which is related to shipping and professional storage of IT hardware.

Please contact us to learn more on WAAS@insidesystems.com or call us on +45 72 18 33 60