1. Do you supply Hardware Maintenance?

Yes, through our Maintenance partner-network. We work with select and bespoke 3rd party Maintenance companies, through which we are able to offer maintenance in 150 countries.

Most of our new equipment is under Manufacturers 1-3 years International Warranty which is usually valid worldwide. But if this is not the case, from the latest systems to legacy
systems, which no longer supported by manufacturers, Remote Managed Services to On Site Spares, Inside Systems can tailor Hardware Support and maintenance, that is defined by its customers’ needs whether they be specific SLAs, on site spares or regular health checks.

2. Can you supply Hardware with licenses?

Yes, with our huge network of Business Partners within the EU, we can supply new IBM hardware with licenses from across the IBM platform. Through partners within the EU, we can also supply other vendor offerings new with licenses. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.

3. Can you deliver products to our Global locations?

Inside Systems deals with more than 70 countries around the world and have done dedicated international shipments in many years.
With our tight relations with well-known, worldwide trusted courier companies, TNT, DHL, UPS, FedEx, we can offer cost effective and secure shipments to wherever you need the equipment to be sent.
Our dedicated logistics team have expertise in handling different shipment documents required by Custom Authorities in many countries which enables us to deliver the equipment quick and safely to their final destinations.

4. Can you do 3rd party shipments and deliver the products on behalf of My company?

Inside Systems values customer requests and respects the confidential relations in between their end users.
Our 3rd Party Shipment procedure saves shipment costs whilst giving an extra marginal profit on the top of our customers total deal.
We put all required documents you would like us to send with the package and send the package on behalf of you so your customers will only have your information about their supplier.

5. I have my own shipment account; do I have to use Inside Systems account each time?

Shipment method is optional and Inside Systems logistics team will handle the shipments as required by the customers.
We do shipments on our accounts to give the price advantages we gained through our agreements with the shipment companies if this is to be selected.

6. Do you accept credit card payments?

Due to the security terms, we do not accept credit card payments.
We advise our customers for small amounts to make a Paypal payment instead.