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Do a good deed for your company and the environment! Redeem your company's unwanted, phased out or depreciated IT equipment that shows up after IT replacement, upgrades, surplus stock, or finished leasing agreements etc. and receive cash equivalent to market value, or disposal certificate On what is to be scrapped.

Try it! We have an easy and simple procedure:

1. Offer. You send us a list of details of the equipment, and we will give you a pre-assessment within 24 hours.

2. Secure pickup. We come and collect the equipment from you, in a safety-approved truck with fixed and locked container, hydraulic lift and air suspension.

3. Audit. Our IT technicians review the equipment, function test and perform secure data deletion with certificate. Defective or unsellable units are scrapped according to the environmental code.

4. Payout. You will receive payment by bank transfer within 24 hours of your acceptance.

What happens to it equipment that cannot or should be used again?

After certified data deletion is complete, we will scrap the equipment that can't or won't be used again, with respect for the environment, and according to the requirements of applicable recycling laws and procedures that enable our customers to reduce their CO2 Emissions and reduce their environmental footprint when disposing of their IT equipment.

We have an interest in giving you an offer to buy up all IT hardware equipment that you may be near. Our core competence, however, is Data center Hardware from these manufacturers: IBM, HP(E), DELL/EMC, NetApp, Lenovo, SUN/ORACLE, Cisco & Intel, but everything has interest.

Contact us at or call 72 18 33 60 to get a bid for purchases of your company's used IT equipment.