Dedicated Logistics Team

Our Export knowledge in handling documents with shipments to 70 different countries around the world makes it an easy process for our customers to trade with us and receive the goods on time!

Our dedicated logistics team have expertise in handling different shipment documents required by Custom Authorities in many countries which enables us to deliver the equipment quick and safely to their final destinations.

At Inside Systems all ordered equipment is packed professionally by using the dedicated packaging material by our warehouse team who is experienced in handling IT equipment.

Our Automated Shipping Procedure enables us to inform our customers instantly, each time there is any changes to their order, during the whole process.

We inform our customers and their logistics department by emails, from the moment we receive the purchase order to when we start packing, when we book the shipment, and when the package is picked up by the courier where we finally send the tracking information for further follow up to give our customers peace of mind and save them time.